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We Are The Nation’s Design-Build Authority On High Performing Professional Kitchens 

There are no degrees or certifications for what we do, yet the most knowledgeable architects and industry insiders have called upon us for decades because they know that our expertise is so specialized, it can’t be imitated.

We’re The All-In-One Source For Kitchen Design-Build Projects That Result In Highly Successful Cafeterias and Restaurants.

We see what other commercial kitchen experts don’t see; we recognize the problems in others’ kitchen designs and eliminate those problems before they can ever cost you. What we know can only be learned through experience and painstaking research and study of the industry since 1960 – over 60 years and counting.

“All Kitchen Design and Build Firms Are The Same” Is About Like Saying “All Cars Are The Same.” Trust Us – They’re NOT.

There are bogus “experts” claiming to provide shortcuts to a highly productive kitchen, but they inevitably fail to deliver on their promises. Ironically, these same individuals line their pockets by inflating prices where they can, and refuse to address many of the things that are most critical to your success.

A CurranTaylor Kitchen Requires Less Energy & Labor, Food Literally Tastes Better, and Has Less Calories (See What We Can Do For You).

What we do can affect the number of employees required to run the kitchen. It can affect the amount of power and water required. It can dramatically alter the time required to prepare and serve meals, and it can even affect how those meals taste, smell, and the calories in each serving.

Started in 1960 and now in our second generation of ownership, we stand ready to serve you! We are proud to consistently place in the top 100 of the largest Food Service Equipment Distributors in the country (from over 3000 firms), and to be a founding member of PRIDE Centric Resources – the industry’s premier national buying group. These strategic advantages afford our clients a level of knowledge and expertise of the business that is second to none.


We have 2 locations to serve you.

Naples, FL and corporate headquarters in Canonsburg, PA, just south of Pittsburgh, PA.
We are 45 minutes from West Virginia and 30 minutes from Ohio.

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