Washington City Mission

The Washington City Mission serves thousands of homeless and those who are in need, every year. There is no cost to the men, women and children who partake of the Mission’s charity. In 2015, a fire raged through the building effectively destroying the dormitories and kitchen. It was a total disaster. Fortunately the surrounding community rose to the occasion and a new dorm and kitchen were constructed in record time of just 1 year.

Here you see construction in progress as the empty shell gets shored up and built out. The space had an open design to facilitate workflow. Work in process included a new seamless poured floor, FRP wall panels for clean-ability and light colors with generous lighting all around to enhance productivity.

Local business and goverment donations are an important part of the food budget so a new 9’ high energy efficient walk in freezer was installed incorporating full 5” thick panels for maximum insulation value.

The new kitchen got tremendous cooking power with a double deck convection oven and a new 40 gallon tilting skillet, which in itself proved to be “the greatest cooking appliance ever invented”. A range and 3 fryers rounded out the cook line. Overhead is a new exhaust ventilator with high efficiency filters to remove far more grease from the air stream than normal filters, keeping the building exterior cleaner and brighter.

Operational costs are important to any kitchen, so a new energy recovery dishwasher (Energy Star rated) was installed that does not require venting to the exterior and reuses the heat from the discharge to preheat the next wash load, saving lots of money.

All in all, a successful project for our neighbors in need.