Boom Town Grill

We took a small town abandoned bank building and transformed it into a beautiful retro style Café. The décor is to emulate a coal mining town’s look and feel from the turn of the century. The design was the easy part of this job – the owners had a vision of what they wanted their facility to look like regarding the retro look. The biggest issue we faced was relocating and installing all the mechanical needs throughout this building. Banks don’t have the types of infrastructure needed to support a fully functional food service establishment, so installing plumbing, electric, drainage and HVAC without “breaking their bank” was crucial to the success. Note we incorporated the bank’s old safety deposit boxes and vault door on one wall (really cool stuff !) and created a private dining area to use as work space during lunch or a private table for a small dinner party.

“Visit us for the best food and lowest interest rates in town !” 🙂