Jefferson Hospital

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jefferson Hospital had an old outdated flight type dishmachine that was costing them a lot to own and operate. It was slow, it required substantial repairs, and it leaked into the room below !

Here you can see us disassembling the old klunker for removal and disposal. Flight machines are fairly large and typically come in 3 sections that are field assembled into a single unit. This new Champion flight machine was 18 ft long and rated at 12,000 dishes per hour. It was a lot more energy efficient, had the same output in a more compact length, had easy access doors and included a patented Ion scale prevention system to keep harmful minerals to a minimum. The hospital installed a new seamless floor after our tearout which made for an easy-to-clean and pleasant dishroom to work in. Well engineered and money smartly spent!

BEFORE: The Old Klunker

IN PROCESS: New washer being assembled

AFTER: New streamlined washer ready to go