Smallman Galley

Smallman Galley is a 4 in 1 restaurant incubator located in Pittsburgh’s famous Strip District. “Incubator”…? The owners took over an old brick building and converted it into a hip, place to be seen, commercial enterprise where 4 chef’s practice in their own kitchens to create and establish their followings while learning the business end of the hospitality industry. 18 month stints teach them the ins and outs while honing their culinary skills serving the public.

The logistics of this project were challenging since we were dealing with an old, limited, restricted space. You get surprises as walls open up and discover that things are…different. HVAC over 4 independent kitchens dictated multiple systems and fire suppression. Site conditions required staged install of equipment so that it could enter the space before walls were built around it. Each kitchen is a stand-alone with prep space, refrigeration, cooking and serving, all out in front where patrons can experience the chefs’ creativity. Excitement builds as customers order at each kitchen and then seat themselves until a text announces their order is ready. Warewashing and bulk storage are shared in a lower level as is the remote beer system serving 20 local flavors.

A lot of throughput from very limited space makes Smallman Galley a profitable operation.
Featured products used: multiple Garland ranges