Pittsburgh University EP Project

A major Pittsburgh University had a waste management problem. Food waste comprises the largest part of kitchen waste and that large volume has to be disposed of in garbage cans and dumpsters and then hauled away. Smells and grease are also a significant issue. And all of this handling costs a lot of money.

The solution was to engineer and install cutting edge GREEN technology that takes both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste and grinds it down to a slurry, pumps it to remote digester tanks, and then allows natural bacteria to do what they do best – eat the waste so it completely goes away within 1 day. No chemicals or enzymes are used in the process so health depts. and sewer authorities love it. The system produces grey water that then goes down the drain thus eliminating all handling, garbage cans, hauling and pest issues. This system is environmentally responsible and will save the client substantial monies over the years while providing a much cleaner and pleasant environment.

And the beauty is, this system can be sized and adjusted for different volume applications too!