Longshore Lake

Replaced old outdated a la carte cooking equipment with new heavy duty state of the art appliances.

The old equipment was 34” wide and patchworked together such that it extended past the hood thus violating all fire and health codes.

We replaced it with new 32” equipment to fit the space without sacrificing performance. Then we batteried the ranges together with a common front rail to eliminate gaps and grease collection points, and added convection bases to maximize output. Look at the firepower in this small space!

All gas and electric hookups were reworked to eliminate gas leaks while reducing the number of connections required making the install easier and cleaner.

New point-of-use refrigeration was added directly below the charbroiler to speed up product access and throughput. Also added water to the side wall for ease of use. Now the chef has all the necessary tools at his fingertips to do the job in the most efficient manner possible.

End result: A happy customer who is saving time, labor and money every day !