York Assisted Living

Steeped in history, this assisted living facility in York, PA offers seniors a great place to live with a distinctively different living environment. The design philosophy demonstrates an appreciation for the past while adding elements of current design to support senior lifestyles. The color scheme reflects a traditional color palette and sets the stage for a place where antiques meet modern.

Restaurant-quality dining is available at this property. Individualized dining choices and space options provide favorite dishes while adhering to the guidelines of a doctor-recommended diet, while residents enjoy the company of others. The commercial kitchen employs some of the latest cooking technologies that improve food quality and nutrition while producing the food quicker and with less labor. All equipment is of the finest 18/8 stainless construction for durability and cleanliness. A ventless dishwasher does not require a hood so capital construction and ongoing operating costs are greatly reduced. The Bistro (not shown) features a nat gas fired “wood” pizza oven for authentic ambiance, a quick serve salad and sandwich area and a speed cook ventless oven for menu versatility. What’s not to like ?!?