Commercial Kitchen Design-Build Success Stories

CurranTaylor specializes in building kitchens that require less labor, less energy costs, less prep time and literally produce better tasting food

  • Restaurant Owners were amazed when we improved throughput while reducing kitchen size by 20%, reduced build out cost by $200 per square foot, and increased potential by 26 seats.
  • We completed a custom beachfront kitchen and bar in Florida with a list of requirements a mile long and finished with a big fat ZERO on the punch list.
  • Employer thrilled by the result of redesign that combined 12 service area into one, boosted revenues and significantly reduced employee lunchtime tardiness.
  • A customer with a dysfunctional kitchen got a bid for a $50,000 redesign – but we solved their problems for just $8,000.
  • How we fixed the corporate cafeteria that had high costs, too many employees, mediocre food and only a trickle of customers.