Connellsville Canteen, Operated by the Fayette County Cultural Trust

This kitchen is in an unfinished space in a newly constructed building and the owner never planned up front for a foodservice operation. We were hired to Design-Build: construct and install the kitchen materials and act as the general contractor on the job. We worked with the local code officer to ensure compliance with all permits and codes. We coordinated all the subcontractors to build walls, install flooring, drop ceiling, and mechanical requirements of plumbing / electric / HVAC. The owners are now able to prep, bake and cook all of the items they sell at the register as well as perform small caterings for the adjacent museum. This is a perfect example of cramming ten pounds of stuff into a nine pound bag ! Good design made the difference because the owner is thrilled that everything fits and that it works well.
Featured products used: US Range ranges and broilers.