Fig & Ash, a Story of Steel City Strength

I’m so tired of this virus that I won’t even refer to it by its name. It has destroyed businesses, ruined plans (including my Daughter’s wedding), and even taken lives. I can’t blame people for being depressed. This thing has been relentless, and many of our leaders have been more concerned about their politics than the wellbeing of their constituents. But people from Pittsburgh are tough. They have fought back and some of their stories are truly inspiring. Two such individuals are Alex Feltovich and Cory Hughes. I started working with these guys towards the end of 2017 when they had the dream of opening their own restaurant, Cory as the Executive Chef, and Alex running the front of the house.

They went through zoning issues, construction delays, permitting problems, and a change of Developers. And that was all before the virus hit. Needless to say, they kept at it through all the roadblocks and earlier this year opened Fig & Ash Wood Fired Kitchen on East Ohio Street. About a month after they opened, my wife and I invited another couple (Dan and Lisa) to a night out. They love to check out the newest restaurants, so we took them to Fig & Ash. Aside from all of our meals being excellent, the service made us feel as if we were the only ones there. And yes, we were only at 50% capacity back then, but great service is still a rare thing. I could go on for another paragraph or two about the food, but my friends offer up the best recommendation. Dan and Lisa have already gone back with another couple to show off the great new restaurant that they discovered. So, I urge all of you to go try Fig & Ash (412-321-2222). I know you will love the food, but I really want you to support Alex and Cory. They’ve been through so much turmoil in the last 3 years, and came out of it with a truly outstanding restaurant. But I shouldn’t be surprised, that’s what Pittsburgh is about.


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