Pelican’s Nest Golf Club, Bonita Springs, Florida

This was a total clubhouse renovation (gutted existing).

The Club’s ability to service larger groups and banquets was inadequate and resulted in many lost opportunities.

Cooking capacity had to be increased so we added a full size double stack combi oven for speed and quality of output, a tilting skillet for volume and versatility, added 3 more fryers and “point of use” refrigeration to minimize wasted movement. Walk-in refrigeration was increased by 60% to support the additional sales volume. Banquet plating was limited so we created more space and added heat from above. Wait stations were separated to speed up beverage service by keeping the staff in front of the customers.

Since bar business provides so much revenue to the bottom line, we increased seating by 60% and made it a place to enjoy with TV’s everywhere, lighted bottle display and clean lines of sight. The beverage equipment included a remote beer system with multiple service points, illuminated wine storage and all stainless steel equipment to maintain integrity. Casters made it easy to move and clean around.

A brand new outside bar was a highlight of this project, bringing the customers closer to the beautiful surroundings overlooking the golf course. To help maintain that ambiance, we utilized a high temp ventless glasswasher which eliminated chemical smells and steam to keep things pleasant.

To help the project stay in budget we re-used several pieces of newer existing equipment to save the client monies.

What a beautiful and functional result!